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road to recovery; 1 week

Today has marked 1 week since surgery. The first week post op can be summed up in one word: PAINFUL.
This past week has been challenging to say the least from our everyday movements like going to the restroom to walking up/down the stairs. Each day moving forward has been little steps of progress for her.

Below is her knee 5 days after surgery. Still a lot of swelling going on which will last a few months (everyone is different). Compression stockings will help with the swelling. I kept telling her she has a pregnant woman’s foot.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Compared to what I’ve been expecting there’s very minimal bruising, just on the back of her knee (not pictured) and a whole lot of internal healing going on.

We met with Dr. Ellis today for her first follow up and to get her stitches removed. Julie (her nurse) let her take out the stitches on her own. She definitely put her brave face on.

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Julie went over several home exercises for her to do while we wait on her first Physical Therapy appointment. I could tell she had some hesitation using her leg muscles when Julie asked her to demonstrate the exercises while she was there. Dr. Ellis couldn’t have a better nurse than her! I told her we were going to take her home with us. She was constantly reminding Chy to walk “heel to toe” and put weight on that foot, something she’s been dreading.

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Dr. Ellis came into the office with another copy of the pictures during surgery. He explained to Chyanna in a very clear way (better than I did) of what he did during surgery so she would get an idea of the amount of internal healing going on. He shaved off part of her bone since there was a narrow passage way to make room for the new ACL. Everything he said just made me cringe!

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We had a few questions coming into this first visit but one of our questions that got answered was pertaining to Football season. Chy has already missed this year’s cheer camp that happened the day following her surgery. Mandatory practices started TODAY for cheer season as well. Dr. Ellis told us she will not be cleared until February 2017…

That puts her out the entire year!

While she is pretty upset missing the whole year of cheer, I know this is for the best. Her health is our main priority. We are forever grateful for Dr. Ellis!

Her coaches were so sweet and shared a video that made for Chyanna during cheer camp letting her know how much they missed her.


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