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road to recovery; day 3

The biggest thing we’ve learned so far from this surgery has been to ICE AND ELEVATE, constantly! I’ve replaced her ice machine with frozen water bottles instead of ice. This has lasted a lot longer compared to the ice and saves room in the freezer! Her ice machine has been on the entire time since surgery pretty much with only a few breaks in-between.


Yesterday was the worst day this past week. Wednesday night she was having trouble with the pain so I suggested she take a sleeping pill. We consulted with a nurse, who’s our dear friend and she said just use half of the dosage. She slept pretty good but did wake up with an intense pain. Sticking to the scheduled pain medication guideline has been key but still seems like she would need more at times. I remind her it’s not going to block 100% of the pain but majority of it.

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Following her surgery I was told by one of the nurses that she should get her physical therapy started up pretty soon (today to be exact) but we’re starting all of that next week. That should be interesting and I’m a little nervous for her considering the pain I’ve seen her in just moving from the bed to the restroom.

Yesterday we could take off the dressing from surgery (48 hours post op) but as soon as I released the leg brace and ice wrap, the pressure she felt was intense. We decided to wait another day and see how she felt when she woke up.

She’s been limited to what she can do. Bathing (submerging her body into water) is not an option right now and swimming is definitely out of the question until the end of next month. Last night she sat down in front of the bathtub and laid her head over the top and I washed her hair that way.

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Passing the time away.

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Still beautiful as ever!

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August 2nd she will go see Dr. Ellis for a follow up and get her stitches removed. We unveiled her scars today (photos below). The knee still is pretty swollen and definitely hurts. We wrapped it back up after these photos and we’ll see what Dr. Ellis has to say on Tuesday!

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Feeling ain’t healing. Time is healing!

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