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road to recovery

Monday, July 26th,2016 6:00am

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Today was the day that I began to dread. Something as simple as a minor ACL surgery that Dr. Ellis has done for the past 20+ years was just another day in the office for him but for our family.. it was my first born baby having her first surgery. It was a whole new mindset on life itself.

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Vulnerability set in.
Not for her, but for me.

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We registered at the front desk, filled out all the paperwork and listened to the lady telling us how much we look alike. We joked, we laughed, but there was still nervousness within those voices. She was mentally preparing for what was coming. I kept asking her “Are you okay?” and she replied “Yes, I’m okay” and kept that big beautiful smile on her face.

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We waited for the anesthesiologist to come in and administer the nerve block. He pulled in his ultrasound machine and communicated with me on everything that he was doing while the nurse was reminding Chyanna to take in deep breaths since her breathing was slowing down so much with the pain medication.

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I sat in the corner, out of the way. Once they left the room, the nurses were wheeling her to the OR and I was on my way back to wait in the lobby. Dr. Ellis told me approximately 2 1/2 hours until they would come get me. Really depends on how the patient responds following surgery, some take longer to wake up than others and we all know Chy loves to sleep.

The next thing I remember is getting called to meet with Dr. Ellis and go over everything he did during surgery and a bunch of post-op info. He said her bones look GREAT and there was no tear within her meniscus. Definitely a plus so no added pain. Dr. Ellis chose to do an autograft (from the patient) on her since our bodies love their own DNA. Basically, what they did was place part of her hamstring in the ACL footprint that created her new ACL!

Females are 6x more likely to injure their ACL vs a young male!

She was given an ice machine to circulate the cool ice water throughout her entire leg/knee area. This is going to be a lifesaver!

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Here’s a few pictures below of the inside of her knee. The last image is her new ACL.

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Arriving home was probably the worst so far besides her waking up in so much pain and being nauseous. She was incredibly dizzy from all the pain medication and wasn’t fully awake to use her crutches to get up the steps to her room.

Once she was comfortably in her bed, we’ve been keeping her ice machine hooked up and loaded with new ice every hour. Medication given every 4 hours. She has done nothing but sleep.


It’s amazing how many people reach out to you when something like this happens. People that you feel are strangers that just want to make sure everything is okay.

Love heals!

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